Continuing Faculty Appointments Review Committee


All new clinical faculty appointments to the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, are probationary for the first three to five years, with continuation of the appointment beyond this time period contingent upon the outcome of a formal continuing faculty appointment review. Faculty members who are recruited at an advanced career stage may have this probationary period waived by the Dean. The continuing appointment review committee is advisory to the Department Chair and is responsible for the annual conduct of these reviews and provision of recommendations regarding continuing faculty appointment to the Department Chair.

Committee membership

The committee is comprised of senior full-time clinical faculty members (associate or full professor rank with continuing appointment status) who have been selected by the Department Chair in consultation with the committee co-chairs to reflect the constituency of the department’s faculty.

Committee mandate and role

The committee will meet in April of each year over one or more days depending on the number of reviewees. The committee will be supported by the DoM faculty appointment coordinator. Review documents will be provided to reviewers at least 21 days prior to the first review committee meeting.

All committee members are expected to:

  • Be versed on the policies and procedures of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine relating to continuing appointment review for full-time clinical faculty members
  • Review and declare all potential conflicts of interest to the co-chairs regarding eligible review candidates
  • Review all materials provided relevant to their assignments and provide constructive, fair reviews of all assigned candidates
  • Provide a final written review of each candidate to the department within one week (seven days) of the meeting date at which the candidate was discussed

Committee chairs are expected to:

  • Ensure fair and transparent process of review
  • Provide a summary of the discussion and recommendations of the Committee for Continuing Faculty Appointment to the Chair ideally within 14 days, but within a maximum of 21 days of the receipt of the committee members' reviews