Dermatology Strategic Plan: 2018-2023

In April 2018, the Division of Dermatology held a planning meeting to develop a new strategic plan. Aligning with the guiding principles of the University of Toronto Department of Medicine and reflecting the existing strengths, challenges and opportunities of the Division of Dermatology, content of the meeting focused on four areas of priority, including:

  1. Research: to enhance and grow basic and clinical research program by engaging in new partnerships within the Department of Medicine (subspecialties & specialties), within the University of Toronto (basic scientists) and with external partners (industry, foundation, institutional and other);
  2. Quality and Innovation: to lead in QI and improve patient care, create new training opportunities for trainees and faculty, nurture faculty well-being and promoting meaningful knowledge translation;
  3. Recognition: to elevate the Division of Dermatology on an international scale, with the goal of being in the top 10 by 2028;
  4. Faculty: to recruit quality educators and scientists to the division to sustain objectives.

Division of Dermatology Strategic Plan: 2018-2023