Division of Medical Oncology Awards

Our faculty and trainee awards are presented at our Annual Research Day each June. This important event provides an opportunity to celebrate our colleagues and trainee, and supporting rewarding careers in academic medical oncology.  Listed below is the current award criteria and previous recipient list for our faculty and trainees divisional awards.

Faculty Division Awards

These awards recognize faculty division members who have demonstrated excellence and made outstanding contributions to the Division of Medical Oncology.  We have faculty division awards in Education, Research, Young Investigator, and Quality Improvement.

Education Award
This award recognizes an individual with evidence of sustained excellence and substantial contributions to teaching. The recipient must have completed a successful Continuing Faculty Appointment Review (CFAR) or 3-year review.

Research Award
This award recognizes an individual with sustained excellence as a scholar & role model. The recipient must have international recognition and is usually a full professor.

Young Investigator Award
This award recognizes an individual within 10 years of appointment who has made contributions of notable merit in research (basic science, clinical research, or quality improvement). Recipients currently undergoing their Continuing Faculty Appointment Review (CFAR) are eligible.

Quality Improvement Award
This award recognizes an individual who has made notable contributions in quality improvement. Clinician in Quality and Innovation (CQI) stream not necessary. The recipient must have completed a successful Continuing Faculty Appointment Review (CFAR) or 3-year review. These awards are an important vehicle for junior faculty.


Medical Oncology Training Program Awards

Medical Oncology Training Program Outstanding Teaching Award.
This award recognizes exceptional and dedicated educators. This award is intended to honor an excellence in teaching of faculty members who embody the aspects of exemplary teaching and educational leadership. 


Dr. Donald Sutherland Award.
Dr. Sutherland was a medical oncologist at Princess Margaret and Sunnybrook where he was one of the original staff physicians. His career spanned from 1971 to 2004. In addition to being an exceptional scientist and researcher, he was known for working tirelessly to ensure his patients received the absolute best care. 

This award recognizes a trainee in the Medical Oncology Training Program who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and performance in clinical care. This award represents our dedication to training physicians that embody Dr. Sutherland’s commitment to providing high quality compassionate care.


Faculty Division Award Recipients

Faculty Division Award Recipients
Year Young Investigator Research Education Quality Improvement
2020 Aaron Hansen David Hedley David Warr Simron Singh
2019 Albiruni Razak Jennifer Knox Raymond Jang Andrea Eisen
2018 Dave Cescon Natasha Leighl Susanna Cheng Sonal Gandhi
2017 Kelvin Chan Geoffrey Liu Jeff Myers Katherine Enright
2016 Phil Bedard Georg Bjarnason Yoo-Joung Ko Leonard Kaizer
2015 Eitan Amir Lillian Siu Robert Myers Monika Krzyzanowska
2014 Teresa Petrella Amit Oza Ian Tannock Craig Earle
2013 Helen Mackay Malcolm Moore Maureen Trudeau Carol Sawka
2012 Natasha Leighl Ellen Warner Brian Higgins  
2011 Jennifer Knox Frances Shepherd Lillian Siu  
2010 Geoff Liu Pam Goodwin Sunil Verma  
2009 Urban Emmenegger Ian Tannock Scott Berry  
2008 Monika Krzyzanowska Kathy Pritchard Ron Burkes  

MOTP Teaching Award Recipients

YEAR MOTP Teaching Award Recipients
2020 Raymond Jang Nazanin Fallah-Rad Susanna Cheng Eric Chen  
2019 Raymond Jang Adrian Sacher Urban Emmenegger Susanna Cheng Brian Higgins
2018 Ron Burkes Raymond Jang Eitan Amir    
2017 Eitan Amir Raymond Jang Ron Burkes    
2016 Raymond Jang Scott Berry Eitan Amir Susanna Cheng  
2015 Scott Berry Yooj Ko Susanna Cheng    
2014 Helen Mackay Ron Burkes Scott Berry Susanna Cheng  
2013 Scott Berry Kelvin Chan Eitan Amir    
2012 Susanna Cheng Ron Burkes Mark Rother    
2011 Mark Rother Sunil Verma Ron Burkes    
2010 Scott Berry Susanna Cheng Sunil Verma Natasha Leighl  
2009 Scott Berry Matt Cheung Rebecca Dent Monika Krzyzanowska  

Dr. Donald Sutherland Award Recipients

YEAR Dr. Donald Sutherland Award Recipients
2020 Sheron Perera Elan Panov
2019 Michelle Nadler Anthony Lott
2018 Kirstin Perdrizet  
2017 Charles Lim  
2016 Paul Lau  
2015 Katarzyna Jerzak  
2014 Phillip Blanchette  

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