Emergency Medicine: Undergraduate Medical Education Teaching Award

The Emergency Medicine Undergraduate Teaching Award recognizes emergency medicine teachers for their excellence, dedication and commitment to teaching medical students in the emergency medicine clerkship at University of Toronto. The award is sponsored by the Divisions of Emergency Medicine, and given annually to an emergency physician.


Teachers are nominated in one of two ways:

  1. By the medical students after completing the emergency medicine clerkship course.
  2. By the chair of the Emergency Medicine Undergraduate Education Committee (EMUEC) with consideration from the emergency medicine clerkship seminar evaluations and teaching effectiveness scores.

Selection Process

The chair of the EMUEC compiles a short list of nominees based on the following criteria:

  1. The frequency of nominations by the students.
  2. The quality and frequency of seminar evaluations.
  3. Teaching effectiveness scores.
  4. Representation from all teaching sites.
  5. Has not won the award in the previous five years.

The EMUEC (including two student representatives) select the winner based on the nomination list and supporting documentation submitted by the chair.


The award is presented at the Divisions of Emergency Medicine Annual Visiting Professor Day.


2014/15 Dr. Laura Hans St. Michael's Hospital
2013/14 Dr. Catherine Varner Mount Sinai Hospital
2012/13 Dr. Fernando Teixeira St. Michael's Hospital
2011/12 Dr. Jordan Chenkin Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2010/11 Dr. Ian Chernoff Mount Sinai Hospital
2009/10 Dr. George Porfiris Toronto East General Hospital
2008/09 Dr. Arun Sayal North York General Hospital
2007/08 Dr. Sev Perelman Mount Sinai Hospital
2006/07 Dr. Bryan Au St. Michael's Hospital
2005/06 Dr. Mike McDonnell Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2004/05 Dr. Shirley Lee Mount Sinai Hospital
2003/04 Dr. Edward Sabga University Health Network
2002/03 Dr. Laurie Mazurik & Dr. Paul Hawkins Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

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