Fellowship Directors' Committee

Scope and Purpose:

The Fellowship Directors’ Committee provides supports to programs, creates and approves initiatives, and maintains policies and guidelines for fellowships within the Department of Medicine.

The Fellowship Directors’ Committee works closely with the Post-MD Education office to improve the experience and management of clinical and research fellowships within the Department of Medicine. 

Terms of Reference:

The Fellowship Directors’ Committee fulfills its purpose under the direction of the Department of Medicine Director, Fellowship Programs by:

  • Overseeing the development and implementation of department-wide best practices, educational policies/guidelines
  • Overseeing the development of administrative supports for faculty and administrative staff
  • Facilitating the  sharing of best practices across programs in order to support each program 
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration across fellowship programs in the Department of Medicine

Reporting Structure:

The Fellowship Directors’ Committee reports through its Chair to the Vice-Chair, Education, Department of Medicine. The Chair will provide updates to the Vice-Chair, Education as warranted. 

Committee Membership:

The Department of Medicine Director, Fellowship Programs and the divisional fellowship directors are members of the Fellowship Directors’ Committee. The Chair of this committee is permanently appointed to the Department of Medicine Director, Fellowship Programs.

Ex officio members include the Chair, Department of Medicine,the Vice-Chair, Education, Department of Medicine, and the Department of Medicine Fellowship Coordinator.​

Two Department of Medicine 'senior fellows' also sit on the committee and serve a one-year term, renewable up to three years. 2017/2018 Department of Medicine senior fellows: Dr. Mahmoud Bokhari (Adult Cardiology) and Dr. Zachary Liederman (Adult Hematology). 

Management and Administration:

Transparency of the Fellowship Program Directors’ Committee is served by distributing meeting minutes and follows up action items to both divisional Program Directors and Administrators for dissemination to fellowship supervisors.

Meeting agendas will be determined by the Chair with input from the members and the Vice-Chair, Education, Department of Medicine. Members may be canvassed for relevant agenda items during scheduled meetings and may provide suggestions at any time.

The Chair may invite individuals with particular expertise or experience to provide input on a specific topic or agenda item, but those persons do not participate in formulating advice to the committee unless at the invitation of the Chair.

The Chair will initiate a review of the Terms of Reference every three years to ensure that the Fellowship Directors’ Committee continues to meet ongoing needs.

The Fellowship Directors’ Committee’s Terms of Reference are modified or revised with the input and advise of the committee, and must be approved by the Department of Medicine Director, Fellowship Programs. 

Meeting Schedule:

The Fellowship Directors’ Committee meets biannually in the spring and fall. All meetings are held in the Department of Medicine boardroom unless otherwise specified. The meeting times and meeting length vary to accommodate schedules.