Infectious Diseases: Strategic Priorities and Reports

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission of the Residency Program in Adult Infectious Diseases:

To provide the highest quality training in adult infectious diseases in order to meet the needs and promote the health of the patients and populations that we serve, and to meet future challenges in the field, including new and emerging infectious diseases and increasing rates of antimicrobial resistance.

To promote clinical curiosity and scientific inquiry in order to ensure the success of our trainees in a variety of career pathways (clinical care, the clinical and basic sciences, patient and health professions education) across a diversity of practice settings (academia, community practice, public health).


  • We value high quality clinical instruction and supervision in order to promote the highest standard of patient care.
  • We value excellence in clinical care that is fostered in an environment dedicated to patient safety and quality improvement.
  • We foster clinical curiosity and scientific inquiry and promote self-direction and self-regulation in the learning process.
  • We promote and encourage wellness in our trainees through interactions with the Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Ontario and the Office of Resident Wellness at the University of Toronto, in order to ensure resident health.