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Strategic Innovation Fund Grant



Strategic Innovation Fund Grant Recipients


  1. Jerzak, K, Goodwin P, Bratman S, Cescon D, Leong H, Williams K, Ennis M, Lohmann A, Tran W.  Liquid Biopsy- a Bold Step Towards Early Detection of Metastatic Breast Cancer
  1. Sacher A, Rose A,  Butler M, Cheng S, Doherty M, Higgins B, Lee R ,Petrella T, Sudha Rajagopal S, Veitch Z, Wang B, Ohashi P. Establishing InTRON: an Interdisciplinary Toronto RAS Oncology Network to investigate RAS mutations and immunotherapy outcomes in cancer


  1. Chen, E, Bedard P, Chan K, Gupta A, Jarvi K, Malone E, Hamilton R, Spreafico A, Hansen A, Razak A, Mitchell, A. Persistence of platinum in semen of adolescent and young adult cancer survivors treated with cisplatin-based chemotherapy and its potential impact on fertility
  1. Lheureux S, Ferguson S, O’Brien C, Mackay H, Gien L, Chawla T, Shlomovitz E, Stuart-McEwan T, Stewart J. Malignant Bowel Obstruction (MBO) in Advanced Gynecologic Cancers Program


  1. Spreafico A, Singh S, Karam I, Abdalaty H. Oral Intestinal Microbiome Profiling in Locoregionally-Advanced Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  1. Pezo R, Butler M. Tumor Immunotherapy and Microbiome Analysis Project (TIME).


  1. Liu G, Brezden-Masley C, Eisen A, Eng L, Giuliani M, Jones J. Expanding an online tool to multiple University of Toronto hospitals, CEASE, to aid smoking cessation referral in cancer patients: A feasibility study.
  1. Kim R, Bedard P, Bjarnason G, Eisen A, Elser C, Faghfoury H, Morel C, Narod S, Razak A, Siu L. Integrative Sequencing In Germline and Hereditary Tumours (INSIGHT).
  1. Prica A, Cheung M, Crump M, Rozenberg D. Sarcopenia and functional predictors of chemotherapy toxicity in elderly lymphoma patients – a prospective pilot study.


  1. Hansen, A, Petrella T, Parsons J, Davis A, Nisenbaum R, Cella D, et al. Development & Validation of a Health-related Quality of Life instrument: Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (FACT-ICI).
  1. Haq R, Wong C, Abosh D, Ailon J, Cheng S, Brezden-Masley C, Lee R, Hicks L, Trinkaus M,  Budd L. Feasibility and Implementation of the G8 Screening Tool and Goals of Care Discussions with Geriatric Patients in the Oncology Clinics.
  1. Eisen A, Scheer AS, Holloway C, Cordeiro E. Informing and personalizing the decision for contralateral prophylactic mastectomy: The development of evidence-based decision support tools for patients and practitioners to reduce the overtreatment of early breast cancer.
  1. Gandhi S, Enright K, Disperati P, Verma S. A Comprehensive Inter-disciplinary Care Model for Oral Anti-Cancer Medications (CICM-OACM).


  1. Chan K, Cheung M, Prica A, Zaretsky Y, Charbonneau F. Wastage of Systemic Cancer Therapies: Financial Impact and Potential Savings with Mitigation Strategies.


  1. Leighl N, Cheng S. Clinical Impact of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Mutation Fraction and Tumour Sample Cellularity on Clinical Outcomes
  1. Razak ARA, Cescon D. Real Time Evaluation of Freshly Implanted Cancers in Mice to Test Drug Response in Matching Hosts (REFLECT).
  1. Buckstein R, Yee K, Prica A. Red blood cell transfusion thresholds and QOL in MDS: a pilot, feasibility study.


  1. Bedard P, Siu L. Community Oncology Molecular Profiling in Advanced Cancers Trial (COMPACT).
  1. Chan K, Hicks L, Feld J. The Current Management Pattern and the Prevalence of Lymphoma Patients who are Hepatitis B Core-Antibody Positive but Surface Antigen Negative, and their Risk of Hepatitis B Virus Reactivation with Rituximab.

Current Competition

2020-2021 Request for Proposals

Intent to Participate Deadline: Friday, October 30, 2020; 11:59 p.m.
Final Submission Deadline: Thursday, January 7, 2021; 11:59 p.m.

The Division of Medical Oncology is again holding a competition for funding of novel proposals that are aligned with our strategic planning. Applications are encouraged for research of any type including basic science, translational, and clinical investigation. We are particularly interested in receiving applications for research in areas that are traditionally difficult to fund, e.g. may include education and quality improvement, in keeping with recommendations from the Medical Oncology retreat held in January 2016.

We offer potential initial funding of up to $30,000 per project. This is designed to be seed funding, which hopefully can be leveraged for future or concurrent peer-reviewed grants. Application for new projects will be prioritized over extension of existing work. We can fund up to 2 projects, depending on the quality of the proposals submitted. Support will begin early 2021. The funding for these projects is based on philanthropic donations attracted through the Division of Medical Oncology specifically for these types of projects as well as money raised by the Division of Medical Oncology. The funding term is 24 months and funds will be held at the Department of Medicine. Applicants are encouraged to plan these projects so that additional/matching funds can be requested from their individual hospital practice plan grant competition.

In order to build a city-wide effort, it is mandatory that proposals have Co-Principal Investigators from at least two institutions, at least one of whom is a tithing member of the Division of Medical Oncology. In rating submissions, proposals that have more than one Medical Oncology  PI, especially junior faculty in leadership roles, will be desirable. All projects should include two or more institutions in order to create a truly collaborative team that has the potential to develop and move forward in the future. Note that the investigators do not all have to be from the Division of Medical Oncology or the Department of Medicine; multidisciplinary teams are encouraged, as is seeking co-funding from other Departments (i.e. Surgery, Radiation Oncology). Members of the Division of Hematology who self-identify as “malignant Hematologists” are eligible as Medical Oncologists for the purposes of this competition. Examples of prior successful applications can be found under Recipients. Successful applicants would be expected to present their work at the 2022 Medical Oncology Research Day. 

We would like you to consider taking advantage of this new funding opportunity by confirming your intent to participate by Friday, October 30, 2020.

Intent to Participate and Application requirements are outlined below.

Drs. Eitan Amir & Kelvin Chan
Co-Chairs, Strategic Innovation Fund Grant Competition


Step 1. Intent to Participate Requirements

1. Include your Project Title.

2. Include your Project Team (PI, Co-PIs & Collaborators) including hospital affiliation of each individual. The Principal Investigator must be a member of the Division of Medical Oncology at the University of Toronto.

3. Your Project Team must demonstrate multi-site collaboration. For clarity: UHN & MSH (considered one site), Unity Health (considered one site), Trillium Health Partners (considered one site), Sunnybrook Health Sciences (considered one site)

4. Email your intent to participate by Friday, October 30th, 2020; 11:59 p.m.

Submit Intent to Participate to:
Dr. Monika Krzyzanowska
Department Division Director, Medical Oncology, University of Toronto; cc:


Step 2. Application Template 

1. Formatting Requirements: 12 point font, single spaced, .75 margins

2.  Co-Principal Investigators & Contact Information, including whether co-PIs are junior faculty or not (within 10 years of their initial faculty appointment)

3.  Description of Applicant’s Team including hospital affiliation of each individual. (1 page maximum) Note: PI must be a member of the Division of Medical Oncology at the University of Toronto.

4.  Project Title

5.  Project Abstract (250 word maximum)

6.  Detailed description of the proposal (5 page maximum; Proposals exceeding 5-pages will not be reviewed. Please indicate whether the project is new or an extension of an existing work)

7.  Supporting tables and graphs (2 additional pages maximum)

8.  Detailed budget request. (1 additional page maximum). If part of a larger project, the budget must explicitly describe which parts the funds will be used for.

9.  Email your complete application by Thursday, January 7th, 2021; 11:59pm.

Submit Applications to:
Dr. Monika Krzyzanowska
Department Division Director, Medical Oncology, University of Toronto; cc:

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