Mentorship, Equity & Diversity Committee

Terms of Reference 


The committee is advisory to the Vice-Chair, Mentorship, Equity and Diversity, and is expected to support the Vice-Chair in all aspects of the role, including but not limited to:

  • Management of the DoM mentorship program, associated events, awards and leadership development (faculty networking, women in academic medicine, support for leadership training). Facilitation of mentorship across the faculty member lifecycle.
  • Faculty equity and diversity (accreditation standard; recruitment and promotion).
  • Quality of life (e.g. civility and professionalism).
  • Developing and implementing meaningful benchmarks to measure the success of the overall portfolio; specifically focusing on equity and mentorship.
  • Facilitate the selection of the annual Robert Hyland Excellence in Mentorship Award recipient.
  • Oversee the administration of the bi-annual Department of Medicine faculty survey.
  • Oversee special recognition events for newly appointed professors, associate professors, and professors emeriti.


The committee will reflect the diversity of the University of Toronto, Department of Medicine (DoM), faculty with an expectation of gender balance, representation of all job descriptions, divisions, hospitals, and equal membership from junior, intermediate, and senior level faculty members, as well as trainees.

Mandate and Role

The committee will meet monthly. The committee will be supported by the DoM assistant to the Vice-Chair, Mentorship, Equity and Diversity.

All committee members are expected to:

  • Attend a minimum of four meetings each year. Attendence by teleconference is acceptable.
  • Participate in meetings with a focus on developing, implementing and evaluating strategies to optimize mentorship, equity and diversity.
  • Provide input into completion of these tasks.
  • Participate in dissemination of results of initiatives.






Sharon Straus, chair St. Michael's Hospital Geriatric Medicine Professor
Glen Bandiera St. Michael's Hospital Emergency Medicine


Karen Burns St. Michael's Hospital Critical Care Associate Professor
Anita Balakrishna Diversity Strategist, Faculty of Medicine    
Caroline Chessex Toronto Western Hospital Cardiology Assistant Professor
Lorretta Daniel Toronto General Hospital Cardiology Associate Professor
Michael Gordon Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care Geriatric Medicine Professor
Ayelet Kuper Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Internal Medicine Associate Professor
Christie Lee Mount Sinai Hospital Critical Care Assistant Professor
Liesly Lee Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Neurology

Associate Professor

Heather McDonald-Blumer Mount Sinai Hospital - Bridgepoint Rheumatology Associate Professor
Sangeeta Mehta Mount Sinai Hospital Respirology


Andrea Page Mount Sinai Hospital - Bridgepoint Infectious Diseases Assistant Professor
Danny Panisko Toronto Western Hospital Internal Medicine Professor
Reena Pattani St. Michael's Hospital Internal Medicine Assistant Professor
Shail Rawal Toronto General Hospital Internal Medicine Assistant Professor
Lisa Richardson Toronto Western Hospital Internal Medicine Assistant Professor
Larry Robinson Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Professor
Jarred Rosenberg Toronto East General Hospital Geriatric Medicine Lecturer
Sam Sabbah Toronto General Hospital Emergency Medicine Assistant Professor
Nazia Selzner Toronto General Hospital Gastroenterology & Hepatology Assistant Professor
Kathryn Tinckam Toronto General Hospital  Nephrology Associate Professor
Katina Tzanetos Toronto General Hospital Internal Medicine Assistant Professor
Rob Wu Toronto General Hospital Internal Medicine Assistant Professor