Transition: Thank You Ed Cole, PIC-UHN 2011-2021

Apr 5, 2021
Dr. Gillian Hawker

Dr. Ed ColeDr. Ed Cole Whenever a senior leader finishes their leadership term, it is bittersweet. We are excited for the individual to shed a large load from their shoulders, grateful for past contributions, and sad to see them go. As a former PIC and now Chair, I have had the pleasure of working with Ed Cole in his role as PIC at UHN from the beginning. I’ve gotta say, it’s been wonderful!

As a PIC of an enormous department, I have watched Ed evolve in his leadership as the world around us has evolved. Always open to new ideas, suggestions, and feedback. He truly cares about his people.

I have personally enjoyed our interactions – checking out his gorgeous ties (definitely among the best dressed PICs!)

I will miss his end of day calls to my back line (only other person who uses that line is my spouse, who I often confused with Ed as a result). I will miss his “mea culpas,” “with all due respect,” and “the devil’s in the details,” responses. I will miss his animated participation in discussions at executive or other meetings – the waving of hands and booming voice. I will miss his kind words when things go less well than hoped for.

Thank you Ed for a job well done.