Values & Guiding Principles



The Chair's 2018-2019 Annual Report:
Humbled and Proud

  •     Celebrating the accomplishments of the past five years

  •     Discussing current and future challenges and opportunities

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Through the discovery, application, translation and communication of knowledge, we prepare future physician leaders, contribute to our communities and improve the health and healthcare experiences of individuals and populations.


We meaningfully impact health through international leadership in education, research and the translation of new knowledge into better care and health outcomes.

Guiding Principles

1.    Ensure that the perspectives and experiences of our patients and their families drive our work
2.    Promote equity, diversity and professionalism
3.    Be socially accountable and steward healthcare resources
4.    Align physician training to meet future population needs
5.    Promote the generation and translation of new knowledge to impact health
6.    Recognize the contributions of all our faculty members, our inter-professional colleagues, and both our hospital and university identities
7.    Enhance mentorship across the academic lifespan, optimize faculty members’ well-being and  academic success
8.    Raise funds to achieve our goals

Department of Medicine Strategic Priorities 2015-2018